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*This program is not available to Nevada or New York residents

What is Nextep

At Nextep Funding, we are a lot more than just a financing company. We are an opportunity that so many customers need, and a boost to business that our retailers experience every day. Nextep Funding provides a completely unique closed end consumer lease platform that provides customers and retailers the freedom they want with the flexibility they deserve in a financing company.

All Credit Considered

We approve customers with good credit, troubled credit and no credit at all.


Online applications are available 24/7 and customer results are sent instantly to their email.


Applying is free, quick and easy. All you need is basic personal information.


Customers can buyout of their contract whenever they like, they are never locked in!



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Applying for our closed end consumer lease program is free, quick and easy!


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We offer one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

About Us

A Little About Us

Nextep Funding, LLC offers a retailer to customer closed end consumer lease platform designed to increase retailer sales by offering customers the ability to finance goods and services on the spot, in the store and without delay. We take pride in our dynamic product by providing superior customer service and retailer training in anticipation of increased sales for our retail partners and appreciative customers who get to leave their store with what they came for. Inclusively, every member of the Nextep Funding team is dedicated to the quality of our unique product, our loyalty to each other and the ability to serve our customers with excellence. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to support our personal and professional business relationships and enhance peoples’ lives through the power of “Funding Your Lifestyle.”

Nextep Funding, LLC is very proud of the fact that we have been able to service retailers and customers all over the United States. As we continue to grow, we intend to make our mark in every territory by bringing our dynamic leasing program to everyone in need!

Nextep Core Values


    “We will always honor and take pride in our word and our actions as they come from good intentions and sincerity.”


    “Connecting with people takes care and dedication, which we value as a top priority at Nextep Funding. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and retailers because we know how important they are.”


    “It is with great confidence that we seek to exceed our personal and professional relationships through superior planning and the relentless pursuit of quality, creativity and innovation.”


    “We are devoted to our customers and retailers in all aspects of business to make sure that they know they are part of our Nextep Funding family.”


    “With unwavering commitment, we conduct ourselves in a fair and forthright manner, treating others with the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve for their individual differences, feeling and contributions.”


    “We are grateful for any occasion that affords us the opportunity to thank each other, our retailers and our customers for their loyalty and commitment to Nextep Funding. Life and work without appreciation is devoid of care and passion.”